Steven Cox
for US Senate

The bold, honest voice of the Kentucky working class that will fight to move our country forward.

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Why Steven is Running for Senate

My father has always been a hard worker. My mom died when I was four years old, leaving him to provide for me and my three siblings. It was tough, but he made sure our family was always taken care of. He also believed his life of hard work would be rewarded in his golden years.

Like many Kentuckians, he paid taxes into the system for decades. When he retired, he expected to be treated fairly. That’s the American Dream, but with corrupt politicians that dream has yet to become real. Dad kept his promise by paying in, but have they kept their promise to him and other retirees?

Medicare falls short. They say Dad doesn’t need dentures. They say dentures aren’t necessary. That put having teeth out of Dad’s reach. My sisters and I have stepped in to help with insurance, but that is not an option for everyone. Social Security is limited for many. Those folks have to choose between healthcare and a house payment, and for some the decision is between getting dentures or having food. Think about that. They have to choose between having food and the ability to eat it. Even without dentures, that check doesn’t make ends meet.

I’m committed to building a better future, where promises are kept and our families are taken care of. When you work hard your entire life, you deserve to live with dignity.

We all deserve a fair deal. That means expanding Medicaid, improving healthcare, and stimulating our economy through bold new programs. My father’s future shouldn’t be written off by politicians, and neither should yours.

That’s why I’m running for Senate. I’m over life-long politicians who tell us our problems don’t matter. It’s time for someone to acknowledge our problems and start fixing them. Kentuckians will no longer be ignored.

— Steven Cox, KY Democratic Candidate for US Senate

Help Us Ditch Mitch McConnell

Steven Cox’s Platform and Key Issues

Medicare for All

A single medical emergency is enough to financially ruin most families. No one should have to go bankrupt to get well. Steven will fight to expand Medicare for all Americans. Smart healthcare reform will save money and offer people healthier, happier lives.

Preserving Kentucky for Our Future

Climate change and trickle up economics threaten our children’s future. We can build them a world worth looking forward to. Economic stimulus programs like those proposed in the Green New Deal resolution will create millions of jobs, reduce climate change, and preserve the natural beauty of Kentucky for generations to come.

Campaign Finance & Election Reform

Our elected officials have been bought and paid for. Corporate lobbyists have replaced us as constituents, and it’s time to take that power back. Steven will introduce legislation to cut the influence of corporate lobbyists, increase accountability and transparency in campaign finance and make it easier for average Americans to run for office.

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