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Campaign Finance Reform

We will increase accountability and transparency in campaign finance, making it easier for anyone to run for office. The candidates with the best ideas should win, not the biggest bank account.

Cooperative Business

Businesses work to please the shareholders, often while hurting others. Stronger co-ops will enable workers and their communities to have a bigger say in how business is done.

Ditch Mitch McConnell

Mitch has demonstrated time and time again that he only cares about someone is when they line his pockets. That’s not fair, and I intend to change it by unseating Mitch McConnell.

End Citizens United

Corporate money should not be considered free speech. We need legislation to remove corporate money from politics so everyone has a fair say in who wins elections.

Free Public College

All costs associated with attending college should be covered so students can focus on learning. An investment in our future is the best investment we can make.

Medicare for All

Most of us are one paycheck away from financial ruin. Medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy. A Medicare for All bill will fix this nightmare.

Modernize Property Rights

Our data is sold and weaponized by U.S. corporations. We must expand property rights to include personal data and create new consumer protections.

Net Neutrality

A free and open Internet promotes innovation and gives every American more opportunity to earn a living wage. Net Neutrality will be reinstated.

Preserve Our Future

Climate change and trickle up economics threaten our children’s future. We can offer them a Green New Deal and build a world worth looking forward to.

Tenant Protection Act

Cities with low vacancy rates should be able to regulate rent and eviction processes. The National Emergency Tenant Protection Act will help them fix the housing crisis.

Union Rights

“Right-to-work” laws threaten our freedom to organize and bargain for better working conditions. We need to protect our rights to fight for better workplaces.

Voting Rights

Voter suppression efforts have rigged numerous elections across the country. We will expand the Voting Rights Act to protect every American’s right to cast their vote.

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